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Top 5 certifications Courses you can do while working in Dubai

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a profession, academic discipline, and applied art whose activity consists in projecting visual communications intended for transmitting certain messages to social groups, with specific objectives. It is an art with a purpose that involves a creative and systematic plan for solving a problem. It consists of the use of images, words, or symbols. Usually, graphic design uses typography aesthetics and the compositional arrangement of all imagery ideas, feelings, and texts. Graphic design is visual communication and the aesthetic expressions of concepts that use various graphical tools and elements. For starting the course of graphic design, there is no requirement for any technical skills. In this age of digitalization, graphic design has become one of the necessary components for most companies and businesses. Mainly graphic designers are often responsible for creating logos, web graphics, banners, and interface designs. These designers can help personal brands or businesses in creating great logos, website graphics, or banners that will make a great impact on such businesses. For a person who is looking for a job in this field, a graphic design certification is a must. 

You can learn graphic design and its fundamental skills with the course provided by Rolla Academy. This course will teach how things in the professional world work like concept visualization, implementing designs, and planning the project. All the participants will be taught Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign software. This course enables a student to start a career in Graphic Designing with a lot of opportunities as the demand for designers is increasing due to digitalization.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Web Development is a program consisting of more than one side of developing web-based apps that includes front end and back end, with & SQL. A job role of a full-stack web developer is in very high demand in the current IT market of Dubai. A person who can develop both server-side software applications and clients is called a full-stack web developer.

A good Course in full-stack web development not only makes students or professionals master HTML and CSS, but also makes sure that they learn to create a program for a browser, such as using JavaScript, jquery, Vue, or Angular, and to create a program for a server such as PHP, ASP, Python, etc, and make them ready for the UAE and the worldwide job market that are IT-based, for becoming a full stack web developer in starting their career in the same course. All these requirements are fulfilled by the course that Rolla Academy is providing to the people. They train students and corporate professionals in UAE since 1993 and have a flexible class schedule, They give practical exposure to live web development and have professional and expert faculty members. If you want to ace the full-stack development race, this course is for you!

Business English

The Business English courses help you learn about topics such as finance, management, and marketing. It focuses on essential knowledge one needs to improve communication, using the English Language at work. One can apply these skills for communicating and launching a new product in English, making sure that business executives have various linguistic tools with practical applications in the scenarios of business in various functional areas. 

A good Business English course teaches you the language structure necessary for running a meeting, achieving sales, and negotiating other business transactions. After the course, you can write your business English emails faster, avoid errors, and communicate better.

This Business English Course at Rolla Academy is an ESL course for people who want to improve their professional communication skills in English in various business areas. This course will make you learn English vocabulary, English grammar, listening, writing, public speaking, etc. 

Advanced Java

Advanced Java is a part of the Java programming language. It is an advanced version or technology of Java specially designed for developing web-based, enterprise applications, or network-centric. Concepts like Servlet, JSP, JDBC, RMI, and Socket programming are included in it. Java is programming of high-level originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java can be run on various platforms, such as Mac OS, various versions of UNIX, Windows, etc. In the Advanced Java Course, some of the advanced topics will be covered, including; sequential, data structure, web applications, Java graphics, etc. 

Advanced Java simplifies the complexity of building n-tier applications. It standardizes an API between applications and component server containers. 

If you take up the course provided by the Rolla Academy then by the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of each of the topics of Advanced Java Programming, which will allow you to go more in-depth with the concepts of your choice. This course is for developers who already have an understanding of core Java Programming concepts. 

Secretarial Management

Secretarial Course trains you with advanced skills needed for improving competency, gaining confidence, and developing your capacity as a secretary, PA (Personal Assistant), administrative executive, or admin support personnel. Secretarial Management Course enables you to manage the major challenges at different levels of organization in today’s environment of business. It helps you in building a cohesive and effective team as you apply the five stages of team development. It helps you to deal with conflicts for achieving team effectiveness and re-awakens your creative thinking abilities for adding value to your organization. 

Rolla Academy Dubai provides you with the leading certification course of the Secretarial Management Course in Dubai. This is a well-known course by the name of Secretarial Practice. You can get trained by experts in this industry. If you want to become a personal assistant or secretary then this is the course for you. Enroll now! 

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