Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work.

Human resource management (HRM) is the practice of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an organization’s employees. HRM is often referred to simply as human resources (HR). A company or organization’s HR department is usually responsible for creating, putting into effect and overseeing policies governing workers and the relationship of the organization with its employees. The term human resources was first used in the early 1900s, and then more widely in the 1960s, to describe the people who work for the organization, in aggregate.

HRM is really an employee management with an emphasis on those employees as assets of the business. In this context, employees are sometimes referred to as human capital. As with other business assets, the goal is to make effective use of employees, reducing risk and maximizing return on investment (ROI).

 This Course will take you through the entire  process of managing the Human resources from start to end.

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Human Resource Management
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