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The top 10 must have certifications to advance your career in Dubai

The top 10 must have certifications to advance your career in Dubai

The Rolla Academy provides you with the best certificate course options that would help you ace your career in Dubai.

  1. Spoken English Course

Spoken English Courses are customized courses of English of varying durations that focus on improving the fluency and confidence of an individual during writing, reading, and conversing in English. English course helps in improving communication skills and pronunciation, building confidence, providing a useful vocabulary for better communication, helps to express a person well in writing.

This English course at Rolla Academy provides a thorough and detailed knowledge of the English Language and Grammar. If you want to communicate better in education, at the workplace, or in any other social situation then this is the course for you. It will help you to be interactive and hold conversations with ease on any kind of topic. 

  1. Spoken Arabic

Spoken Arabic Course is mostly designed for non-native students who eagerly want to learn Arabic outside a restricted location, and a set schedule. Much importance is also placed on the grammatical and structural aspects of the Arabic language, the focus is also on the writing and reading part for a better mastery of pronunciation and script. The narration in most Arabic courses is majorly in Arabic because of the belief that any foreign language must be taught in its own form

By the end of the course at Rolla Academy, you will:

Learn Arabic letters (writing/reading)

Learn some vocabulary

Learn short and long vowels 

Learn the accents

As for the terminology incorporated, here, we adopted both the lessons of English and Arabic terms used both in the West and the Arab world. Our Arabic course is not limited to what is realized as the field’s standard practice.

  1. MS Office 

Microsoft Office Standard includes the tools one needs for managing and creating great-looking docs, spreadsheets, and presentations, easily and quickly. 

Currently, two main versions of Office are available: i) an on-premises version named after the year it was released i.e., Office 2019, and a cloud variant, which is not required to be installed on-premises, called Office 365. Every bundle of versions you choose includes at least Word, Outlook, and Access, however, applications vary depending on the version you choose. 

This course in MS Office at Rolla Academy consists: 

Speed typing, windows operation, computer fundamentals, Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint.

  1.  MS Excel (Advanced)

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used products of MS Office, it is a spreadsheet program of Microsoft that is used for storing and retrieving data in numeric form, in a grid format of rows and columns. 

Most of the Advanced Microsoft Excel training course is for people who are aware of Excel programming already and is designed for gaining advanced skills. 

The benefits of this MS (Advanced) Excel Course in UAE are that, it,

  • Improve a person’s competencies
  • Potential gains in employment
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Highly Cost – Effective
  • Efficient in Data Storage
  • Simplifies tasks

Rolla Academy is providing this course, which is located near Sharaf DG Exit known as Al Fahidi Metro station, earlier.

If you are a beginner in MS office work, then it is recommended to join the Basic MS office Course in Dubai first and then go ahead with the courses of an advanced level. 

  1. Certified Management Accountant

The exam for Certified Management Accountants has 2 parts, each focusing on different topics in detail. In order to clear the exam, your dedication to the subject is necessary for you to get familiar with each part of it. 

In each topic, the percentage mentioned has a relative weight in each part. 

People having a certificate of certified management accountant (CMA) can work both in corporate financial accounting and strategic management. The CMA pathway can be used by professionals as it covers various different topics than the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) certification.

If you want to set yourself apart, build global recognition and earn a higher salary, then this course is for you.

  1.  CCNA Certification

Most of these courses cover configuring network devices that include Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco ISR routers, and WLAN controllers. A basic foundation to understand leading IT skills such as network programmability, automation, and software-defined networking is provided. The training course of CCNA for exam preparation gives you the foundation for taking a career in one direction. CCNA validates that you have the skills required for managing and optimizing most advanced networks of today.

Rolla Academy provides a course completion certificate, with the course a person learns technical skills and provides increased instructor interaction.

This course makes you gain network fundamental skills, IP skills, security fundamentals, automation, and programmability.

  1. Leadership and Management

The certification course in leadership and management offers leadership courses designed to help executives in reaching new levels of success. The Leadership and Management Certificate program are for managers of high-potential mid to senior-level managers who work in any industry and want to gain insights and learn concepts for advancing their careers.

Once you learn this course, you will achieve the set of skills required in supervising and managing your team members, manage your team’s performance effectively by providing them with constructive and appropriate guidance, easily able to fetch positive results from every member of the team, able to coordinate and communicate efficiently in all types of situations, can arrange essential coaching and delegation for improvising the team’s performance.

This course with Rolla Academy Dubai gives you insight into how to manage your team as a leader. It helps you to learn how to cope with unpredictable situations. 

  1. Microsoft Powerpoint (Advanced)

According to a survey, 89% of people use PowerPoint to create their presentations, and the worldwide market share of PowerPoint estimates at 95%. MS PowerPoint allows learners to demonstrate competence to use presentation tools on the system. 

The Microsoft PowerPoint course is for people who want to learn Microsoft Powerpoint (Advanced) for creating professional and engaging presentations which may include graphics, images, and other features such as charts, etc. It will help to communicate the ideas to the audience. It then provides hands-on practice and starts with the primary functions of powerpoint which is not difficult. Customizing presentations, formatting slides, and adding personal effects to the slides are taught. 

This PowerPoint course is an all-in-one course. Here, everything you need for producing a professional-looking presentation is provided. Moreover, it is used for creating flowcharts, graphs, newsletters, etc.

This is a course to master MS PowerPoint and lead your skills to the next level. The program helps validate and strengthen your skills for advancing the profession and adds credibility to your resume.

  1. Python (Advanced)

As we all know python is a versatile and popular programming language. It is great as a first language because it’s easy to comprehend and also because it can be used for many purposes, such as web development and scientific applications. 

Python can be collaboratively worked with Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, etc. So on the basis of the requirements, the Advanced Python program can be customized in order to suit one’s requirements. 

This course adds the skills of Python-Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) to the resume of the participant. It makes you understand both Python 2 and Python 3. Moreover, one can acquire the pre-requisite skills of Python in order to move into specific branches, such as Machine learning, Data Science, etc.

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