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Microsoft Office Skills You Should Know When Applying for a Job in UAE

Finding a good job that aligns with your skillset is a very hard process. In today’s world where technology is rapidly developing, how will you know what skills you must have? You may think that you are up-to-date with the latest technologies but a new version of the application came and you may not have the skills to use it. So keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies is highly required in today’s world.

Knowing Microsoft Office is one of the basic requirements of almost all the jobs in the world. Almost all jobs require you to type some text, analyze some text or do some mathematical calculation in a tabular form, show some graphs, give some presentations and email clients, etc. The two main programs of Microsoft Office are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. These two programs are very much used and you should know the advanced level of the software to keep an advantage from your job competitors. You can learn Microsoft Office with us at Rolla Academy. Listed below are the most desired skills which all jobs require.


  • Create Tables
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Convert Text to Columns
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Analyze Tables
  • Charts & Sparklines
  • Create Spreadsheets
  • Formulas
  • Functions (Logical, Financial, Statistical, Date and Time)
  • Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Solver
  • Group Data
  • Macros
  • PivotTables & PivotCharts


  • Create Forms using fields and advanced form tools
  • Create Labels
  • Create and Use Templates
  • Formatting Documents
  • Formatting Tables
  • Grammar Check
  • Compare and Merge documents
  • Create and Manage Comments
  • Mail Merge & using Outlook for recipient list
  • Macros
  • Page Setup
  • Printing
  • Sharing & Protecting Documents
  • Spell Check
  • Text Formatting
  • Track Changes


  • Email
  • Email Filters
  • Emailing Documents
  • Manage Junk Mail
  • Manage Folders
  • Plan Meetings
  • Auto Reply
  • Calendars (Share and Configure)
  • Cc: and Bcc:
  • Configure Email Settings
  • Create an Electronic Business Card
  • Create and Send Email Messages
  • Scheduling
  • Set Message Rules
  • Sending Attachments
  • Set Up Email Signatures
  • Tasks (Create, Schedule, and Delegate)


  • Insert, Embed and Link data and media from other applications
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Insert and Format Media (Sound, Video, Across slides)
  • Link and Embed Video
  • Broadcast and Share a Slideshow
  • Create Presentations
  • Create and Format Templates
  • Create Interactive Slideshows (use transitions, animation, and buttons)
  • Work with Slide Masters
  • Use the Advanced Timeline


  • Create & Design Databases
  • Create Advanced Queries
  • Calculated Controls
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Establish Relationships and Join lines between tables
  • Use VBA and SQL within Access
  • Use other Office applications with Access

You may know a few of the skills listed above or more than that but even if you feel like you need to learn more you can always call us and join our training center in Dubai for better learning.

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