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Benefits of MS Office Advanced Certification in your career

Microsoft Office, which includes MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and MS Project, is used by people in their personal and professional work. In fact, nowadays, knowledge of Microsoft usage is one of the basic necessities for most job profiles, whether it’s business analysis, accounting, coding, or marketing, one needs to have enough awareness of Microsoft programs.

Almost all of us are familiar with the functions of Microsoft. MS Excel and MS Word are used by us on day to day basis. However, it is majorly confined to changing fonts, typing letters, creating a table, formats, and a few other general functions. Besides all of these, most of us are not aware of different formulas that can be used for sorting a table or formatting them. For our skills to be improved and qualify us as skilled Microsoft experts, there are several MS certification programs out there. One of the tops is provided by Rolla Academy, Dubai, located very near the metro station.

Besides being used by individuals, Microsoft is also very important for companies as well. Therefore, Microsoft Advanced certification is valued by most companies and certified professionals are considered over non-credential peers. 

Currently, there are two main versions of Office that are available: an on-premises version named after the year it was released (for instance, 2019) and a cloud variant, which, on-premises, need not be installed, called Office 365. People with Office skills are highly valued and are often a prerequisite for many office jobs. Included applications vary depending on the chosen version, but every bundle necessarily includes at least Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Outlook and Access are also included in many bundles.

Get deep into MS Office with our Advanced MS Office Course in the Dubai branch. Learn the pro-level skills in all five Microsoft Office software: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, and Outlook.

Benefits of Microsoft Certification:

Fluency with MS Office

Your base is established once you are fluent with Microsoft credentials in using MS Office fluency; be it, MS Word, for creating documents, MS Project for managing projects, MS PowerPoint to create presentations, or MS Excel for managing data. An extensive understanding of Microsoft programs is exhibited with MS Certification and one can build a strong grounding in IT for career prospects.

Ability to build charts of great nature

Creating charts is ideally considered to be a job for professionals in finance and business. If one is fluent with Microsoft programs, one will obviously be an expert in chart building. Relying on charts as a skill is demanded in almost all jobs in order to support any kind of data and source. Also, charts are an important element in presentations that one can come across every now and then in their professional life.

Flexibility of Work

These days, you can share your work with stakeholders and business leaders in online mode from anywhere. This makes work more flexible and one’s ability to function MS programs easily makes you a star leader at your work.

Ability to Collate Data Together

In today’s world, data really means something. One needs sufficient data to put forward in order to support your idea or view. In such situations, MS Excel is one of the best programs to rely on. This application can be used for data collation and extensive formatting. One can bring different files together and sort data.

Better Career prospects

Besides making office work easy and effective, MS certification also opens up greater career prospects for a person. One can vouch for challenging leadership and analytical roles with their credentials of MS. A person can demand salary hikes and better posts or positions with their expertise in using the Microsoft program fluently towards better business and success. This credential, in many instances, is a must for getting a job. 

These are a few of the benefits that Microsoft Certification offers you. All in all, the specialization in MS Office makes you reliable, available, and productive to your organization. This not only benefits the company but also increases your job satisfaction. If you want some expert training in Microsoft, you can avail of our Advanced Microsoft Training courses.

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