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Ace the Micrsoft Powerpoint Presentation : 5 Tips to Create Iconic Presentation

Nowadays, a presentation is becoming increasingly common to be filmed. The possibilities of how to present your research work to an audience have changed a lot, whether you are facing a virtual audience from around the globe or it is a conference talk delivered in front of an audience sitting in a presentation hall. There are universal principles that will help you to deliver well in both scenarios.

Rolla Academy provides you with 5 of the most important tips that if you apply them then you can surely improve your presentation substantially.

Keep your presentation simple

While putting your presentation together, remember to keep it simple. Learn to edit yourself. Streamline, sculpt, and repeat until you get your narrative tight and your message is delivered directly. “10-20-30 rule is followed by many presenters, which is to use 10 or fewer slides, your presentation needs to be under 20 minutes and at least 30-point font is used. This helps your presentation to be clear, crisp, and to the point. Much of the effectiveness of your presentation, instead of lying in the material itself, rather depends on its voice, body language, and explanation.

Focus on the interest of your audience

Any scientific talk is only as good as its impact on the audience. A well-prepared and well-delivered presentation is hardly recognized as such if it is of lower relevance to the audience. Your audience has their preferences and interests, they might like something more than you or others. If you ignore the knowledge o your audience and prepare a general talk for them, you can face a hard time leaving a great impression.

Don’t present or talk like an expert, make it easy for the audience and impress them with how easily you can share your expertise. Show them that whatever you are doing is relevant to them! Adjust yourself to your audience and see how you ace the presentation game.

Consistency is key

Many presentations look like random notes: many styles, fonts, and colors, are too haphazard, and look crazy. With this kind of presentation, your audience will not take you seriously and can undermine your stories. Inconsistent design is a distraction, so simply put it together. Your audience will keep figuring out the meaning rather than focusing on the main points, don’t let that happen. To keep things in line with consistency, use a custom. Use a limited color scheme. Try using a grid system for keeping things neatly aligned. Remember everything in design matters, so make it consistent.

Prepare and practice

Once you are done putting your presentation together, you should dedicate your time to preparing your points to have a talk on.  Ask your honest friends, and colleagues for their feedback on your visuals, speaking voice, body language, and any other aspect of your presentation.

Surely practice your speech, but do not memorize it. If you memorize every line of your presentation, it can drag you off track when you are nervous or you may even forget a word or two. Instead, prepare simpler talking points for directing your presentation in one direction. Speak openly and be confident in your knowledge of the subject.

Balance it and relax

Open your presentation software. Balance your content into slides, spread out sheets, and decide where your key concepts are supported by your visuals. There should be quiet parts, and loud parts, that blend seamlessly together into a melody of ideas. Relying on just one idea or aspect will result in white noise which might become tiresome. If your presentation is well-balanced then your audience will have that ‘chorus’ stuck in their heads all day.

Creating and presenting information to one or several or especially to a large group of people is a huge accomplishment. After the presentation, reward yourself in some meaningful way.

You can easily master the challenge of presentation by following these 5 tips presented here. It is about showing that you like your work and not about having the coolest results, it’s about you being able to direct your audience to understand your message. As long as the principles mentioned above are followed by you, you will receive a great reaction from your audience.

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