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Top 10 Popular Graphic Design Career Opportunities in Dubai, UAE

The path to professional success differs for each individual. After some consideration, you are beginning to consider a career in graphic design. However, prior to investing the time and money necessary to acquire the formal training that many employers require, you want a clearer picture of the job opportunities available after completing the graphic design certification course in Dubai.

So, what can you do with a certificate in Graphic Design?

You may believe there is only one option—become a graphic designer—but the alternatives are significantly more diverse.

One of the most attractive aspects of studying Graphic Design is the wide variety of careers one can pursue after earning a degree in Graphic Design.

Learn more about what Graphic Design majors study for a moment and you’ll see what we mean.

What is taught in a programme for Graphic Design?

Motion graphics, animation, design theory, project management, and portfolio development are among the primary learning objectives of the Graphic Design program at Rolla Academy Dubai.

Advanced Typography and Advanced 3D Modeling are examples of courses that provide the industry with more specialised skills in designing courses. Overall, these programmes should equip students with technical design skills, as well as project management and business fundamentals.

10 Well-known Graphic design Professions

But what are some of these specific options? We utilised real-time job analysis software to examine over 25000 job postings for Graphic Design programme graduates from the previous year. This is by no means a comprehensive list of the careers available to those with a degree in Graphic Design; rather, it is merely a sample of the jobs available to those with a degree in Graphic Design.

  1. Graphic designer
    Graphic designers create images and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, and websites, among other things. This job title can encompass a vast array of responsibilities in a vast array of industries.

    So, how does this manifest itself in practise? You can work as a graphic designer for a technology magazine, creating magazine layouts, advertisements, print production, and some web design.

    You can also work as a senior graphic designer at a video game publishing company, designing and art directing video game titles after a few years. You can do everything from designing the packaging campaign art to conceptualising and directing.
  1. Creative director
    Creative directors determine a project’s creative vision. By guiding their team through the steps of creating something, whether it be a tangible product like a video game, film, or magazine, or something more abstract like an advertising campaign or brand identity, they ensure that the overall aesthetic and cohesive look are maintained.

    The position requires management expertise, leadership, budgeting and time management skills, as well as imaginative insight.
  1. User experience (UX) designer
    UX designers make products, processes, and services user-friendly, pleasurable, and intuitive. They consider how the product feels and how users will interact with it. They ensure that the product flows smoothly from step to step. UX designers may conduct user tests, eliminating any hiccups or ambiguities in the process. This profession requires an abundance of original thought, creative intuition, and a natural appreciation for elegant design. This design discipline is prevalent in web design, where organisations are placing a greater emphasis on creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

  2. User interface (UI) designer
    UI design is frequently viewed as a subset of UX design and has similar objectives. User interface designers are concerned with the product’s layout. They design each screen and page, ensuring that the layout visually aligns with the path mapped out by the UX designer.

    UI designers create each screen or page that a user interacts with, ensuring that the UI visually conveys the path that a UX designer has mapped out. They may determine where content should be placed on an analytics dashboard or which navigational tools make the most sense for a user. Additionally, they pay close attention to style coherence and ensure product consistency.

  1. Production Artist
    Production artists are responsible for the manual steps of production, whether in graphics, film, art, or other media. During the final stages of development, they upload design files and verify their accuracy. The position requires expertise in both design and computer applications.

    Production artists may suggest enhancements to the work they are completing in addition to applying finishing touches such as scaling, cropping, retouching, and repositioning.
  1. Product developer
    Product developers conceptualise, direct, and oversee the production of products. They can work on so many different things that their job responsibilities will vary greatly, but common responsibilities include conducting industry research, creating illustrations, presenting the product to employers or stakeholders, and contributing to the product’s development.

  2. Art director
    Art directors are responsible for the visual style and content of magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and television and film productions. They design and direct the development of each contribution by other artists. They collaborate closely with their employers or clients to develop an artistic vision that satisfies objectives, the available budget, and the desired impact.

  3. Marketing Professional
    Marketing specialists collect and analyse data on target customers, launch marketing campaigns, evaluate the efficacy of marketing efforts, and develop promotional strategies for their company’s products or services.

    As you’ve likely observed, many of these graphic design careers fall under the broader marketing umbrella. As a result, Rolla Academy offers a course that combines graphic design and digital marketing course that is extremely popular with students.
  1. Multimedia artist or animator
    Using computer animation and modelling programmes, multimedia artists and animators create complex graphics and animation. They consider story development, visual impact, and platforms in order to produce media content that meets the objectives of their employer. This has been a boon for graphic designers with animation and motion graphics skills, as more brands and organisations are seeking to increase their online video presence.

  2. Freelancer
    Even though it is not a design job in its own right, the majority of the positions listed above can be performed by a freelancer. Designers with experience on their resume, a stunning portfolio of work, or specialised knowledge in niche areas of design, marketing, and graphics could find freelance work and build a career.

    However, freelancing is also excellent as a side gig that can generate additional income and expand your skill set.

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