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Important tips you should know to get a job in Dubai

According to LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report in the report of UAE, the job market of Dubai is also getting diverse – it means that the industries such as security and investigation, marketing and advertising, and hospitality want more employees and are ready to fill the gap by hiring from abroad also. Before you delve into the search for a job in Dubai, it is first necessary to understand the economy of the city and the factors that play an essential role in its growth. It is also a plus point that Dubai has a multilingual market, which is very dynamic and can easily be adapted by both the natives and the expats

Some important tips you should know before finding a job in Dubai

Understand your market well

The job market of Dubai is extremely competitive and the major population is contributed by expatriates. One must always be aware of the current happening in the industry one is associated with or interested in as this may have an impact on the market of job and related matters such as job opportunities, salary, demand for the workforce and compensation packages, etc.

However, after the Emiratization policy’s introduction, most companies have started giving preference to local candidates who are searching for job opportunities in Dubai itself. This may or may not have an impact on your job search.

Studying the market of the job helps you understand what experts in the market you need to acquire, build a strong network, and make decisions that are informed based on the realities of the market.

Build a network

Networking is the key. Most of the jobs in Dubai are found by the candidates due to strong personal and professional networks. So, the moment you decide to find a job in Dubai, you should start building your social and professional networks. It seems indisputable that networking is extremely necessary for professionals. Moreover, you must be aware of how can you use it to your advantage while searching for work in Dubai. Many recruiters in Dubai find it convenient to hire candidates with professional references. So, the better you have connected the higher your chances of getting a job in Dubai.

Follow-up is the key

Once you have applied for the positions you are interested in, you should always send emails of follow-up without giving much bother to the employers. Let them know that you are available for any kind of interview or something. Once you land in Dubai, ensure you have successfully secured some interviews with some of the employers in order to save time.

Work on your CV

In order to attract the right job opportunity, it is important that you have a resume that is job-winning. According to a research survey, less than seven seconds on a resume is spent by recruiters. To grab the attention, ensure that you use action words to get your resume noticed. It is essential to avoid major pitfalls, like the use of buzzwords. Rolla Academy offers a great resource for tips and tricks for those looking for a little more help. In order to attract a recruiter’s attention, make sure you have verified your contact details and your resume is up to date with the latest information about your career.

Do a certification course

As more and more users are getting on the internet and more companies are starting work from home there is a huge increase in the requirement of a certificate course and it plays a big role in your CV. Having done a certificate course in a particular field opens certain doors for being able to get a job. Rolla Academy offers to students top certification courses and gets training. All of the courses are job oriented so that you can apply for a job as soon as you complete the courses. The trainers dedicate fully to the students and even give extra time if required.

Be aware of important requisites

There are certain pointers you must pay attention to:

  • Having a valid passport is a must
  • The age must range between 18 – 60 years
  • You must be medically fit to enter the country
  • You must be well prepared to complete all the paperwork and formalities.
  • You would not be allowed to enter and work in Dubai unless you don’t show any signs of infection on being tested as the government arranges for the screening of HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, or any other communicable diseases.
  • Your degrees and certificates also need to be authenticated well by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE as well as your home country. So you must be prepared to complete all the paperwork and formalities.
  • One must understand the legal implications well and plan your job search accordingly.

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