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The course  “Google SketchUp” is a 3-Dimensional Modelling Computer program Course intends to provide training to architects, civil & mechanical engineers, interior designers, film-makers, game developers, and those who want their career in 3D Computer graphics. The area of the course includes Modellers, Multimedia designers, Digital Graphic Designers, Visual Designers, etc.

We aim to provide step-by-step instructions for modeling. Starting from the basic Navigation methods, tools and templates, editing and 3D tools, how to apply colors, exporting images and animations, etc., through the Software and making Candidates aware of the functionalities and tools used to model houses and interiors through a live 3D modeling project in Google SketchUp.

Why is the “Google SketchUp” Certification necessary?

Google SketchUp is a free 3D modeling software that allows users to design their ideas into visuals. There is a top demand for 3D modellers across the industry as modeling becomes obligatory for architects and Computer graphic artists. Rolla Academy provides the certification course for SketchUp to make you skillful at 3D modelling as the professional certification is essential to prove your skills and to enrich your resume.

How to Become an Expert at “Google SketchUp”?

You can acquire skills in Google SketchUp by yourself (that’s time-consuming!) but watching tutorials will not suffice to be competent; it requires lots of personal guide and training.

On the other hand, you can join the professional course to learn and master the ins and outs of Google SketchUp just in a couple of hours.


There are no strict eligibility Criteria but

  • A Participant must have done either 10th/12th/Diploma from a recognized board.
  • Basic knowledge of 3D modelling is required.

Target Audience:

The Google SketchUp Certification Course intends to develop the skill set required in Computer Graphic Designer Professionals who wish to learn building design applications such as architects, interior designers, film and game makers etc.

The course is helpful for Candidates who want to see themselves in the following positions:

  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Production Designer
  • Architectural technologist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Landscape design 3D visual/render
  • Commercial Building Design

Our Subject Matter Experts:

Rolla Academy provides the best and skilled trainers to deliver “Google SketchUp” certification training to help increase the skillset with the best guidance support. Over two decades of proven experience, our trainers have been working hard to deliver the best training at Rolla Academy. They are proficient and have rigorous knowledge and practical exposure of their subjects with excellent academic working experience to provide the best path to help you progress in your career.

Trainers will encourage and support the Students just after they join and teach them basics from day 1. They assist you in the primary SketchUp interface, basic navigation methods, Window Layers, 3d tools, 3D Warehouse, creating walkthroughs, and every mandatory topic required to make you proficient at 3D modelling.

Opportunities for “Google SketchUp” certified:

The training course “google SketchUp” is for those seeking their career in 3D modelling and architecture. If you have earned the certification in Google SketchUp, you will find adequate job opportunities waiting around you.

There’s a tremendous demand for 3d Graphic Designers such as Designer 3-D Rendering, Residential Designer,3D Animation, Interior Designers, etc.

If you are an Architect or 3D Graphic designer or even looking up to learn Computer graphics as a beginner, then you’re on the right platform. Learn Google SketchUp at Rolla Academy!

Check our reviews on Google Here: Rolla Academy Dubai Reviews

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Google Sketchup
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